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Our Statement Regarding COVID-19

The Denise House remains committed to supporting women and children impacted by violence. Their safety and security, as well as staff, is our main priority. We are monitoring Public Health information and are taking all appropriate precautions to ensure we are able to maintain a safe level of services.

During these difficult times, our essential services are open to support women with or without children who are experiencing violence and abuse. We manage our bed counts and capacity issues daily and the availability of beds can change frequently. We do not want the fear that a bed might not be available to stop you from reaching out to us for support. Our trained and experienced counselors are there to take your calls 24/7, helping you identify your options and resources.

You are not alone!
If you need us, please call our 24 hour crisis line at 1-800-263-3725


Why Support The Denise House?


You may be surprised to hear that on any given year we support on average 32% more women and children than we are funded for by the Government.

Last year:

120 women and children resided with us

1,090 Crisis calls were answered where we provided support and information

Approximately 40,000 Meals and school lunches were provided

We provided 4,000 Safe Sleep Nights

And Over 400 more Women and Children received support through our Community Support Programs

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A Note From Our Executive Director - 2021

Prior to the COVID 19 pandemic and provincial shut down, The Denise House would see and provide support to women,
with or without children, over our funded capacity. That was the need for services. As the provincial shut down occurred
and stay at home orders came into place, women experiencing violence and abuse became more trapped in their
situations than ever, feeling all the more helpless and without supports, stronger fears of reaching out for help. Our
service statistics are a demonstration of this fear and uncertainty of reaching out for help. The Denise House continues
to encourage women to seek the support and assistance they need and we have seen an increase of women reaching out
as the province and services have gone through re-opening stages over the last year. As an essential service, we will
continue to change and assess how best we can provide much needed services for women and their children in the most
healthy and safe way possible.