You may be surprised to hear that in any given year we help 32% more women and children than we receive annualized funding for. We do this because of the great need in our community and we do this with the goodwill and support of the community.

In the last year:

125 Women and Children resided with us

900 Crisis Calls were answered and provided Support and Information

We provided approximately 40,000 Meals and Snacks

We provided over 4,700 Safe Sleep Nights

400+ Women and Children received Support through our Community Outreach Support Programs

Approximately 1300 Volunteer Hours were provided

 A Note From Our Executive Director

To the end of March 2022, The Denise House was still operating at approximately half bed capacity due to direction from our Ministry and Health officials. Because the shelter is a congregate living setting, COVID 19 protocols remained in place. The shelter reopened to full capacity of 27 beds in July 2022 and almost immediately, the beds were filled.

As an essential service, with fully reopened shelter beds and support services, we will continue to change and assess how best we can provide much needed services for women and their children in the most healthy and safe way possible.


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