The Denise House is embarking on an ambitious,

five-year strategic plan: New Beginnings.

Our Plan includes four strategic directions:

1. Be caring: Provide exceptional care

2. Be connected: Build a strong, engaged and connected team

3. Be sustainable: Plan for a sustainable revenue and expansion

4. Be a strong voice: Advocate with our community partners



You may be surprised to hear that in any given year we help 32% more women and children than we receive annualized funding for. We do this because of the great need in our community and we do this with the goodwill and support of the community.

In the last year:

178 Women and Children resided with us

171 Women were referred out due to capacity

1050 Crisis Calls were answered and provided Support and Information

We provided approximately 55,000 Meals and Snacks

We provided over 8,080 Safe Sleep Nights

450+ Women and Children received Support through our Community Outreach Support Programs

Approximately 2200 Volunteer Hours were provided

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